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Ergonomic, active sitting requires different seat heights. Depending on body size and area of application, we recommend .....

50 - 55 cms

For school children and adults with approx. 135-155 cms height. We recommend a height-adjustable table with it.

60 - 65 cms

For people with 155-180 cms height. Also suitable for taller people who want to use their VLUV at a table with standard table height.

70 - 75 cms

For people with 180-200 cms height. We recommend a height-adjustable table with it, so that the legs fit under the table.

Which size suits me and my field of application?


Everything that makes up your life, for the pregnancy, for breastfeeding, for playing or just for sitting freely: Just follow our body size recommendation above.


For ergonomical seated work, your table should fit your height, as should your sitting ball. If you are sitting at a table that is not suitable for your height, the BOL should be based on the table height, otherwise it will not fit. Rule of thumb: standard table height = 65 BOL.


Especially if you are looking for a BOL that will help you with your health or that you will use for athletic exercises, you should go for a size that fits your height. Above you'll find our recommendations.


As a design highlight, all our sizes fit into your interior. A mix of the 3 sizes would be perfect. Guests will find the most the 65 BOL most suitable.

Which size is the right one?

Just answer a few questions and find out.

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How tall are you?
What do you mainly want to use the sitting ball for?
If you plan to use the ball mainly for office work, what table do you use?
Our recommendation for you:

Choose your body height

Unfortunately no VLUV BOL fits your input. Feel free to contact us directly if you have further questions or suggestions:

The BOL size 50-55cm should fit best for you.

The BOL size 60-65cm should fit best for you.

The BOL size 70-75cm should fit best for you.